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Welcome to Sitka,Alaska

Experience Sitka like a local, with a local

Meet Tracie

Hello! I am a local Sitkan and have spent my whole life exploring and adventuring this beautiful swath of rainforest. Join me and my dog, Mac to see Sitka through the lens of a local. 

Sitka Tango was our beloved family dog from 2007-2020. Everyone in this close-knit community knew him and loved him. He inspired me to write a children's book series featuring him, and even though he is gone now, his adventurous legacy lives on through Sitka Tango Adventure Tours





Make Your Private Tour Unique

Using my capable minivan, we can travel anywhere in and out of town. The road system gives us access to classic Sitka destinations, such as Sitka National Historical Park, our Raptor Rehabilitation Center, or the Fortress of the Bears, and also local hiking destinations such as Beaver Lake, Starrigavin wetlands, and more!

With Sitka Tango Adventure Tours, choose exactly where you want to go and how you want to do it. 

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